In CRUCEROS AXARQUÍA we familiarize everyone with the marine environment. To do this, we have started a navigation club, aimed at making regular outings for both beginners and experienced people to perfect the art of cruising.


Do you have a license to navigate but do not have a boat?

Climb aboard and enjoy the strength of the wind loading the sails of our great sailing ship.


You do not have a license and you want to start?

Join us and you will discover the power of the wind.


Of course, the navigation club will not be just a recreational group. On our cruises you will have to work, and not always in optimal conditions. In this way you will experience the true beauty and purity of an ancestral art that turns a passion into an adventure.


We have a very experienced instructor, supported by his innate skill and expertise, having many years of navigation and sailing experience. His teaching skills make him the perfect teacher to get you to love the sea.


The activity of the club will take place between October 1 and May 31.


The departure duration will be approximately 3 hours, with a maximum of 6 partners in each of them, plus the crew.


These departures will be scheduled at the beginning of each week, communicating, by email, to it’s members so that they can sign up for the desired day.


The club will have two types of members, with different fees and privileges:


BASIC PARTNER: € 40 / month · 2 monthly departures


PRO PARTNER: € 60 / month · 4 monthly departures


In the event that a member wants to make an extra outing after using their monthly departures, it will cost an extra €20 / departure.

Navigation Club